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Valentín Mera

Quedaste Pendiente Anca by Valentin Mera.jpg

Valentín Mera is an Ecuadorian|Peruvian|American Singer-Songwriter and Music Producer.

In 2018, Valentín transitioned into a male, after having a career of over a decade as "Diana Mera"; he has now come back, as a man and producer, releasing more than 26 new singles since 2018 that he has composed, produced, and performed by himself. Valentín is finalizing the production of his soon-to-be-launched new Spanglish music album.


Valentín’s records have distribution with Sony Music|The Orchard, managed by Alcamay Records, and at the beginning of 2021 Valentín Mera signed with Sony Music/ATV Publishing as well, so now he has his whole music catalog under one roof.


Valentín Mera was born in Quito, Ecuador, and before he could talk he moved to several countries like Perú, Venezuela, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United States where he has spent most of his life.


Mera's most-streamed single "Encantador' (Bossa, Trova & Dance) was inspired by his transition. Encantador is also the name of his YouTube series, where he shares his life in an interview setting with family, friends, and colleagues. 

After the 1st Encantador's Episode aired, NBC Telemundo's Acceso Total visited him at his home to talk about his career, transition, and new dreams as he became who he always knew he was. Telemundo's Segment "La Transformación de Valentín Mera" was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Origin: Ecuadorian|Peruvian|American   Genre: Latin Pop   Years ReActive: 2019 - Present   

Label: Alcamay Records   Distribution & Publishing: The Orchard|Sony Music


Management & Booking:

Alcamay Records


Label Distribution & Publishing:

The Orchard | Sony Music/ATV





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