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a Final Adieu 


I am Valentín Mera, and I want to share with you my mother's story:

Diana María Angélica Pérez-Acuña Salazar, died

on July 20, 2023 in Homestead, Florida,

She left this world under the name Diana Dupler.

Diana, daughter of Graciela Luzmila Salazar and Ricardo Perez-Acuña,

sister of Elena, Gladys, Ricardo, Linda, Annie and Javier.

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The news of her departure reached me on October 6 through her lawyer, who contacted me on Instagram and shared the news by phone.

She was cremated and her ashes were scattered by her legal representative in Black Point, Florida,

along with those of her late husband, Richard Dupler, according to her stipulated wishes.


My relationship with my mother was complex, and from the age of 14 I began to run away from home until in 2003, when I was already living in another city, I made the decision to disconnect permanently.


In 2020 we had the opportunity to see each other briefly.

It was an encounter that allowed me to find the peace and closure I needed.

One of the last things she told me was: "that I was handsome and

she loved that I chose to be named Valentín".

I live grateful for every moment, every lesson and every shared experience. It wasn't all dark, we had some sunny days and those are the ones I choose to remember as I say goodbye to my mother.

Mamá, I thank you for your life and influence on my path, today we say goodbye with gratitude and love.


May you find eternal peace and know how much you meant.


Your legacy continues in me.

Your son, Valentín Mera



Mamá, I have recorded one of your favorite songs to say goodbye with the usual admiration. 

Cuando llora mi guitarra Valentin Mera

Diana was born on March 4, 1947 in Lima, Peru, in a beach neighborhood called Chorrillos.

Diana was the daughter of Graciela Luzmila Salazar and Ricardo Perez-Acuña, and from an early age, her life was full of adventure. She was not just a mother, but a woman who played multiple roles throughout her life.

She was an actress, publicist and a professional who traveled the world, leaving her mark in various places and times.

Among her notable achievements, Diana worked in Geneva, Switzerland, at the United Nations, contributing to issues of international importance. She also became involved in the academic life of his beloved Peru, working at the University of Lima. In addition, she held the position of Sales Manager at Citibank Caracas and later the position of Head of Protocol and Institutional Image of the Mayor of San Borja in Peru, demonstrating her talent in the field of public image and diplomacy. I consider that my mother was my first manager and publicist, since she used to take me to book shows on City Halls and took me to TV appearances a few times.





My mother was a feminist woman and one of my favorite moments was in the 90s, when she, challenging gender norms, supported me when I was still her daughter and my name was "Diana Mera". I asked her to compete in a national television show called "El Triki Trak", in the "El Pablito Ruiz Peruano" contest, this was a boys-only competition. My mother's response was, you are going to compete and your name will be "Mauricio Mera". As promised, I competed and came in 2nd place. This pioneering act inspired and encouraged me to pursue my dream of one day being a male singer, which I am today.

Diana was married three times, her first love Osvaldo Dias Caraza, then she married Eduardo Mera, with whom she had her only son, myself. In 1994 Diana moved to Miami and years later she married Richard Dupler, ending her lasts days being his widow.

My mother's life was marked by conflictive relationships and she lived the last stage of her life in absolute distance from her family and friends.

Diana María Angélica Perez-Acuña Salazar will be remembered in different ways by those who knew her.

Despite difficult circumstances, her life and legacy leave a mark on our family's history and the places where she left her influence.



Diana Acuna Dupler
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